Wednesday, February 08, 2006


How can I be able to love You,
if I have not yet love my neigbours?

How can I be able to love my neighbours,
if I have not yet tasted your love?

Therefore, let me taste your love.


Finding Myself

When I am busy, I start running.
As I run, I get lost.
To find myself, I stop my run.

When I stop running, I start walking.
As I walk, I found God.
There I found God, I found myself.


Confession of The Follower

Lord, I know that you love me. I know that out of love, you left your home and came to the world to offer yourself as a lamb to be slaughtered in order to bring me back to our Father. Since I became your follower, I have already known these facts. Yet, I often wonder, “Can I ever truly appreciate all that you have done for me? Can I ever understand the depth of your love for me?” In moments like these, I struggle badly.

Perhaps, because I have not yet return to paradise and taste the fullness of your sweet fellowship, which was only made possible by your sacrifice, and/or because I have never tasted the dreadful suffering in hell, which I would have been bound to taste if not for your sacrifice; Lord, I have often been found guilty of not being able to truly appreciate your love for me.

Therefore, even before you bring me back to paradise, even as you continue to sustain my life in this world, help me Lord, that I may learn to be grateful towards you.