Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Lizard and the Ant

If you see a big, fat lizard waiting silently, with its eyes fixated at a tiny ant which is moving obliviously towards the lizard, what will you do?

You will...

A. Ignore the imminent disaster. Life goes on with or without the ant around.

B. Scare the lizard away, knowing that this can only be a temporary solution as the ant might be eaten by the lizard the next time you are not around.

C. Kill the ant. It is better for the ant to die an instant death than to be tortured in the mouth of the lizard till death.

D. Turn yourself into a tiny ant and beg the lizard to eat you and let go of that ant forever.

"Hey, which fool will choose D? "

Oops, Jesus did.

Note: Illustration has its limitation.



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